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Wednesday November 4 2015 7 POLITICS ALBERTA On November 23 2015 ELECT LOUIS SEBERT MLA Thebacha Authorized by Patti Haaima Official Agent for Louis Sebert 867 872-0908 Contact Information Website Email Phone 867 872-2199 Office Cell 867 688-7703 Campaign Headquarters McDougal Center By CRAIG GILBERT NorthernAlbertahasanewvoiceincabinet. A former registered nurse Lesser Slave Lake MLA Danielle Larivee was named min- ister of Municipal Affairs and Minister re- sponsible for Service Alberta on Oct. 22 ve months after being elected to the legislature for the rst time. Larivee holds a bachelor of science in mid- wifery from the Midwives College of Utah and a Bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Alberta. She currently serves as a member of the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections Standing Orders and Printing and as a member of the Stand- ing Committee on Albertas Economic Future. The third-place Alberta Liberals are less than thrilled with Larivees appointment and the rest of the minor shufe that took place in Premier Rachel Notleys cabinet last week. I have enjoyed working with Ms. Larivee as we have examined ways to improve our mental health system leader David Swann said in a press release. However while Ms. Larivee is a talented and hardworking indi- vidual I am deeply concerned about the re- volving door of ministers at Municipal Affairs. Ms. Larivee is the sixth such minister in less than two years and our cities require more continuity than that. Thecabinetshufesawthecreationofanew ministry of Economic Development and Trade andthenamingofDeronBilousasitsminister. The provinces new economic plan will in- clude enhanced supports for small- and me- dium-sized businesses sector development initiatives and a strategy to increase trade investment attraction and market access. We need to take the qualities that have made Alberta an energy leader including an innovative entrepreneurial culture and a highly skilled workforce and apply them to the challenge of building a diversied 21st century economy Bilous said. The new ministry will bring under one um- brella work that is currently spread between several departments but is primarily concen- trated in Innovation and Advanced Education and International and Intergovernmental Re- lations and will be supported by several agen- cies including the Alberta Innovates corpora- tions. The new ministrys work will be guided by the advice of the Premiers Advisory Com- mittee on the Economy. Economic Development and Trade will also be responsible for Notley cabinet shufe adds insult to injury opposition Lesser Slave Lake MLA Danielle Larivee shakes hands with Premier Rachel Notley as she is sworn in as the new Minister of Municipal Affairs and Service Alberta at the provincial legislature. coordinating and leveraging the research and innovation system to increase busi- ness start-ups and the commercialization of Alberta ideas expanding access to capital for small- and medium-sized enterprises supporting private sector job creation by promoting trade and investment and leading Albertas negotiations on domes- tic and international trade agreements. Included in the government announcement were kudos from affected organizations in- cluding the Canadian Manufacturers Ex- porters CME and the Alberta Chambers of Commerce. By creating a new Ministry of Economic Development and Trade this government has made it clear that the economy is a priority CEO of the Chambers Ken Kobly said. Its important that we have a partner dedicated to helping grow and diversify the provincial economy so our organization is looking for- ward to working with government on these initiatives to help make Alberta the best place in the country to start and operate a business. The Ofcial Opposition was also critical of theshufeatmunicipalaffairssayingitcreated confusion and added insult to injury and of the NDP approach to economic development. Wildrose knows that the people who diver- sify economy are our local business owners Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean said. In- stead the NDP have raised taxes on businesses and individuals and have begun a problematic 50 per cent increase to the minimum wage on the backs of small business owners. By DALI CARMICHAEL Jailed for domestic assault and suspended from his Deh Cho MLA seat Michael Nadli has returned to his home in Fort Providence and announced he is seeking re-election. Released after serving eight days of a 45- day sentence Nadli announced he would seek a second term in the Nov. 23 election in a written statement I have honestly admitted my error I have taken full responsibility for my actions and withthe support ofmyfamilyIhavebeenvery engaged in counseling it read. I am deeply sorryandItrulywishtheincidentneverhappen sic.Iwonthesitatetotakemyactionsbackin an instant. However with the support of the community I have been able to put this mat- ter behind me and continue the focus on help- ing people and communities of the Deh Cho. Nadlipleadedguiltytoassaultcausingbodily harm following an altercation in his home on Apr. 5 in which his spouses arm was broken. Shortly after Nadli gave up his position as chair of the Standing Committee on Govern- ment Operations. He was automatically disqualied from his positionasMLAonOct.14becauseaccording to NWT legislature clerk Tim Mercer he was sentenced to jail. The vacancy would normally nothavebeenformalizeduntilNadliswindow to appeal had closed but Mercer went ahead sincetheassemblyfaceddissolutiononOct.25. A spokesperson said the department of Justice could not comment on Nadlis case specically but did note inmates are eligible for a temporary absence or early release pro- gram once they have served at least one-sixth of their sentence. Under the program the sentence doesnt end but is considered to be served in the community instead of a facility. Inmates must apply to the Temporary Ab- sence Committee which is comprised of case managers counsellors a psychologist the deputy warden of security and deputy war- den of programs though the warden of the facility has the nal say. This independent process takes into con- sideration the work and programming that the offender has completed the support of the community and the support they have with housing and employment. Conditions are always attached to early re- leases and can include abstaining from alco- hol following curfew orders and reporting to the RCMP or a probation ofcer. Should any of the conditions be broken the offender can be returned to the corrections facility to serve out the balance of their sentence. Nadli has pleaded guilty to assault previ- ouslyin2004hewassentencedtosixmonths of probation for assaulting his spouse. Con- ditions on the sentence included checking in with a probation ofcer going to counselling and doing 50 hours of community service. Ultimately it will be up to the people whether I should continue my career that started in 1997 when I rst got into poli- tics he said. POLITICS NWT ELECTION After early release from jail Nadli will campaign from home community PhotocourtesyofGovernmentofAlberta