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Teens to bring Christmas Truce to life in Fort Smith 8 Wednesday November 4 2015 ARTS CULTURE REMEMBRANCE DAY TURN OFF THE NOISE TURN ON THE SILENCE NOVEMBER 11 1100 A.M. RemembeR The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 239 2Silence MINUTES SERVICES STARTING AT 1030 A.M. AT THE FORT SMITH REC CENTRE. The legion will be maRching To The cenoTaph To lay a wReaTh. an open houSe will follow aT The legion. ALL ARE WELCOME TO MARCH. By CRAIG GILBERT More than a century has passed since the guns went silent on the Western Front on Christmas Eve 1914. This Remembrance Day attendees of the ceremony staged by RCL Branch 239 in Fort Smith will be treated to a short play bringing that magical piece of Great War lore to life. The Christmas Truce will bring four drama students from PWK High School to the stage for 11 minutes reading soldiers letters home describing the event according to drama and music teacher Kelsey Smith. More students will act out scenes described in the letters behind a screen with music and other effects. It will all have a sort of Readers Theatre feel and will fill the time usually set aside for the community choir which is on hia- tus this year. Were pretty excited Smith said. Last school year the kids wrote their own play and toured around the South Slave. They were really keen to get performing again and we got into the year quickly with auditions and script-learning. Auditions took place in early October and the students have been working on the project on alternate days to come up with a unique way to stage the play. Its denitely a stretch for our comfort zone Smith said. Next week is going to be hectic with rehearsals. The students plan to do a dry run of the play at the PWK Remembrance ceremony earlier in the week. The band will play O Canada at the ceremony and has plans to tour of Whistler later in the year. The drama class will also perform a series of one-act plays also near the end of the school year. Smith who also leads the school band teaches the credit drama class after normal school hours. She said it gives the students a tangible accomplishment to work toward. When they are in English or learning some other subject they learn theory and there is no end result except nal exam she said. But with a performance whether its band or drama it calls the kids down to what they can do and ups the ante. They have to be better it drives the product they are able to achieve when its in front of other people. PWK drama students pictured here after debuting their original production Normal in Fort Smith will stage a short play depicting the Christmas Eve ceasere of 1914 at the towns Remembrance Day ceremony on Nov. 11. PhotoDaliCarmichael