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Wednesday November 18 2015 11 1. Work with Aboriginal governments and organizations to establish and permanently protect key conservation areas in the NWT prioritizing areas first identified by communities under the NWT Protected Areas Strategy 2. Support the establishment of Thaidene Nene as a national park reserve and territorial park 3. Champion economic diversification that minimizes our reliance on non- renewable resource extraction by supporting communities to develop local economic opportunities based on sustainable tourism and conservation of special areas Dehcho Lyle Fabian yes yes yes Frame Lake David Wasylciw yes yes yes Jan Fullerton no answer no answer yes Kevin OReilly yes yes yes Roy Erasmus yes yes yes hay river North Karen Felker yes yes yes RJ Rocky Simpson yes yes yes Robert Bouchard see full response yes see full response hay river South Brian Willows no yes yes Jane Groenewegen yes no answer yes Wally Schumann yes yes yes kam Lake Kieron Testart yes yes yes Great SLave Lake Glen Abernethy yes yes yes NaheNDeh Dneze Nakehko yes yes yes Dennis Nelner yes yes yes Kevin Menicoche yes yes yes Shane Thompson yes yes yes raNGe Lake Caroline Cochrane- Johnson yes yes yes Daryl Dolynny yes yes yes Sahtu Judi Tutcho yes no answer yes thebacha Don Jaque yes yes yes Louis Sebert yes yes yes Michael Miltenberger yes yes yes yeLLowkNiFe ceNtre Julie Green yes yes yes Robert Hawkins see full response see full response see full response yeLLowkNiFe North Ben Nind yes yes yes Cory Vanthuyne yes yes yes Dan Wong yes yes yes Edwin Castillo yes yes yes yeLLowkNiFe South Bob McLeod yes yes yes Nigitstil Norbert yes yes yes CPAWS-NWT CONSERVATION ISSUES QUESTIONNAIRE FOR TERRITORIAL CANDIDATES We asked three questions of all 60 territorial candidates for the NWT If elected will you... On November 23rd PLEASE VOTE Only candidates who responded to our questionnaire are listed. Candidates with an asterisk provided additional information in their answers. Want to read their full responses Visit Our mission is to conserve the land water and wildlife of the NWT for current and future generations by working together with NWT residents governments communities and organizations.