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Todd Parsons President Union of Northern Workers Then get out and vote for candidates who support the interests of workers and the quality of public services as demonstrated by their answers to our survey. Open Letter to NWT Voters WWW.UNW.CA The Union of Northern Workers set out in this NWT election to put all candidates on record for their positions on issues important to territorial government workers and to the users of GNWT services. We asked candidates to hold themselves accountable to the voters with straightforward an- swers to five yes or no questions. The issues most important to UNW Members are clear no job cuts no contracting out no more Public Private Partnerships no more strangled service growth and full participation in modernizing the Public Service Act. Candidates are either for or against these things. The results 20 candidates answered completely 5 candidates gave partial responses 7 candidates formally notified the UNW of their refusal to provide yesno answers 28 candidates did not respond Detailed results are posted on our website These questions were posed on behalf of the more than 4000 UNW workers in the GNWT public service. With 60 candidates running in 19 ridings and no party platforms its very difficult to gather information on candidates positions and present it in an understandable form. Thats why the UNW used a basic survey of five questions with yes or no answers. This election is a job interview for the people who will run our government. Our Members and all citizens need to know where politicians stand before we hire them. It is disappointing that so many candidates seeking to lead the territory and ultimately oversee the management of the territorial public service failed to provide a response. The UNW urges all Members and voters to go to our website see who stepped up to be counted and how they replied on issues that matter to workers. Todd Parsons Wednesday November 18 2015 13