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16 Wednesday November 18 2015 POLITICS TERRITORIAL ELECTION By CRAIG GILBERT After the deadline to file nomination pa- pers for the Nov. 23 election passed on Oct. 30 the Northern Journal sent candidates these four questions 1. Why are you running 2. What are the issues facing your riding 3. Why should voters cast a ballot for you 4. What do you do in your spare time Below are the responses received by our press deadline on Nov. 16. Answers have been edited for length and presented in hopes to help voters make an informed decision. We prioritized ridings for which we received all or most candidates responses some responses were printed in our Nov. 11 issue. Inuvik-Twin Lakes Robert McLeod incumbent 1. Because I have a passion for the commu- nity of Inuvik the experience Ive gained in the past 11 years has positioned me to where I can be a benefit to Inuvik. 2. Cost of living utilities are very high and unfortunately costs are passed on to the consumer. Most people want to and can work so we need to continue to push for opportunities for our business community. 3. Because they know that I will continue to work hard for the community they also know that I am committed to do whatever benefits Inuvik and its residents. 4. What little free time I have is spent with my grandchildren and going out on the land. Jimmy Kalinek 1. Im running in this election for our people of Inuvik for far too long we have been sit- ting and seeing no change. We need new ideas and people that will face the issues head on to see results. 2. Cost of living education economy pov- erty. We need more opportunities for our people to grow and be successful. 3. Because I care about the people of Inuvik and I want to see change just as bad as they do. The future is now. 4. I like to visit with family and travel the land and waterways. Hunt to provide for my family and others. Inuvik-Boot Lake Desmond Loreen 1. I believe that we should have the best rep- resentation at the table and if someone feels they have something to offer they should come forward. I believe I possess the skills necessary to convey the concerns and questions of the riding. 2. Education child care and housing are is- sues that affect us all. As a community we need to make sure there is support for families and the people who want to live in Inuvik. 3. I hope people see the difference I can make at the Legislative Assembly. I want them to give me a chance to make a change and shift our government into a new age where I will lay it all on the table and ad- vocate for the people who live in the North. 4. Ispendalotoftimewithmywifeanddaugh- ter I make short films and comedy shorts when I can. I enjoy being on a computer designing graphics or playing video games. Sahtu Judy Tutcho 1. I am running for election because I feel I am capable and confident to be of service to the people of the Sahtu. 2. The key issues in my riding are business opportunities creating employment self- sufficiency alcohol and drug treatment centre Mackenzie highway high cost of living youth program and services and caring for our Elders. 3. Voters should vote for me because my resi- dency is in the Sahtu fluent in the North Slavey Language extensive rounded work experience in the private sector. 4. I really do not have any free time I fold my brochures make telephone calls to vot- ers agencies organizations and businesses to make an appointment to meet with me and preparing and planning for my next trip to one of the Sahtu communities. Yvonne Dolittle 1. I am a committed honest open commu- nicator who listens to people and makes responsible decisions for the better of all people water land and animals I intend to ensure that Sahtu needs are understood by my colleagues and help them understand thatstrongSahtucanbenefitthesocialeco- nomic and cultural well being and prosper- ity of the whole NWT. 2. Roads and transportation infrastructure wellness and social issues such as hous- ing responsible development of our natu- ral resources and building a vibrant diverse economy. 3. I am a team-builder and a strong voice for positive change in our government. My ex- perience working with leaders youth and communities has prepared me to help align Sahtu priorities and come together to speak withonevoiceforallpeopleintheSahtu.The NWT is only as strong as each of its regions. You can count on my heart energy and ex- periencetouniteandbuildastrongerNorth. 4. Coach soccer and traditional games hunt and spend time on the land with my family. Deh Cho Ronald Bonnetrouge 1. I felt the timing was right to run for territo- rial politics.Residents were concerned with having representation that is accountable reliable and responsible to their needs. 2. OneofthekeyissuesistheDehChoProcess negotiations. It is in everyones vested inter- esttoreachafinaldealthatissatisfactoryto the people of the Deh Cho. This will prove beneficial economically to not only the Deh Cho people but also for the whole of the ter- ritory. Another key issue is to address the youth population as they face tough times and more so than any other age group in findingemploymenttrainingopportunities andstabilitywithinacommunity.Oneother key issue is the establishment of a First Na- tions Spiritual Healing and Rehabilitation Centre. This is a must-have for the North- west Territories. 3. I am strong-willed - sobriety going on 10 years - and am passionate about addressing issues that are of concern to the residents of my riding. 4. First and foremost are my five beautiful grandchildren that keep me on my toes and the lasting memories to be cherished. Hay River South Jane Groenwegen incumbent 1. ImrunningagainbecauseIhavealongstand- ingrelationshipwiththeconstituentsofHay River South and many asked if I would run again. I want to invest the experience and abilities I have gained as MLA back into my community again. 2. Supportforeducationcostoflivingcontin- uedandexpandinghealthandsocialservice programsandservicesupportforourecon- omythroughthingslikedredgingcontinued support for the renewable resource sector biomassandgreenenergyequippingpeople with the tools to affect their cost of living. 3. I vote for me is a vote for experience and a vote for a person who has proven to be visibleandactiveinthecommunityveryap- proachable and responsive to the concerns and issues of my constituents. I have a very diverse background which makes it easy for me to quickly understand issues. 4. IdonthavealotoffreetimebutwhenIdo I like to spend time with my family my five grandchildrenwhoallliveinHayRivernow. Wally Schumann 1. I am grateful to have been able to raise a family and grow a business in what was once one of the most exciting communities for economic growth in the North. Sadly economic decline and social stagnation is hurting our businesses families elders and youth. I want to lead Hay River back on the road to prosperity. 2. Businesses and families are struggling to get ahead. We need to jump-start economic growth initiatives revamp the shipping sector and raise the federal tax exemp- tion to bring more business better jobs more residents and top-notch services into the region. 3. I have strong leadership experience as Past President of the Hay River Mtis Govern- mentCouncilastrongbusinessbackground as owner of Poison Graphics and a proven record of supporting educational cultural health sport and recreational initiatives in my community. 4. Im a bit of a workaholic so I dont have much free time. When Im not working though I like jet boating and spending time with my family at our cabin. Hay River North R.J. Simpson 1. Iamrunning because Irecognize ourtowns potential and I want to help us live up to it. 2. The most common concerns I hear from residents are the lack of economic oppor- tunities the lack of rental housing and the cost of living. The only ways to resolve these problems are by growing our econ- omy and population to spur development and competition. We also have to foster economic innovation by promoting new industries such as biomass manufactur- ing and agriculture. 3. As a lifelong resident of Hay River I know our towns potential and its challenges. Along with my legal background I will bring new energy a fresh perspective a spirit of cooperation to the Legisla- ture and work tirelessly to make your voices heard. Nahendeh Shane Thompson 1. First off I am not running for the posi- tion but in my opinion I am applying for the position of Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Nahendeh riding. Like most jobs worth having you need to apply for the job and that is what I am doing. I want the job of representing all the people of the Nahendeh for the next four years. 2. For the past four months my team and I have been talking to people from across the region about their issues. The issues that matter to me and the voters are health education youth homes community and the Dehcho Process and Fort Liard Com- prehensive Land Claim Agreement topics are discussed in more detail on Thompsons election Facebook page. 3. Voting for me you will get integrity hon- esty and experience. With over 23 years as a public servant working with First Nations governments I have a passion for government accountability. 4. Spending time with my family children and grandchildren and friends to ener- gize myself for the next day. Kevin Menicoche incumbent 1. The voters of Nahendeh are very happy with my work and encourage me to represent them again in the 18th Assembly. My 12 years of experience will benefit the riding. 2. Having the Dehcho process moved to the AIP stage will ensure certainty and allow our communities to benefit from those that want to use our lands. Transporta- tion infrastructure is critical we must have great roads and airports. 3. I havealwaysbeenapproachableagoodlistener andensureyourconcernsarefollowedupon. 4. When free time is available I love spending time with my spouse and step daughter. Rosemary Gill 1. Im running because I want to be part of the positive change I know the residents of Nahendeh are looking for. I believe a MLA assumes a position of trust ser- vice and accountability. I am driven by a strong sense of personal and social re- sponsibility and have a proven record of getting things done. 2. Ive spent time travelling the region and have become aware of the issues facing this region. Insufficient housing low lit- eracy levels lack of infrastructure.and economic development to name a few. 3. My background includes post secondary studies in education and aboriginal gov- ernance. The majority of my work experi- ence has been in education and manage- ment. This work experience has taught me the importance of strong leadership fiscal responsibility and working collab- oratively to achieve a common goal. Im an educated Dene woman who has has grown up in this region therefore know the people the issues and challenges. I also speak Dene Zhatie. Dennis Nelner 1. Its the right time in my life where I can take my career in public service to the next level. My wife is pursuing a culinary arts profession my children are mature enough to be more independent. 2. We are in an unsettled area therefore there is less certainty towards resource development and perceived benefits such as employment and training. We need to bring clarity to the process some form of closure and begin the implementation process. I remember very clearly the 21 Common Ground Principles presented by Peter Russell which preceded the Dehcho process in 1999. 3. Did I mention I was committed I have a proven track record recently working with teachers principals and district education authority in Fort Simpson to re-introduce shop class in the high school. Also with the DEA I invested over 100 hours into re- writing the DEA policy handbook. 4. Spend time with my family and close friends work on projects and hobbies. I also like to watch some late night TV or listen to music oldies from my era and some new stuff as well. Dneze Nakehko 1. Its time for change in leadership at the territorial level. Nahendeh means Our Land because of devolution the upcom- ing 18th Legislative Assembly will have more power and authority on decisions over our land and resources. We need leadership that will be a strong voice for the land and the people. 2. Outstanding Treaty Rights and Responsi- bilities through the Dehcho Process and the Liard Land Claim and self-government negotiations infrastructure - roads homes and energy - healthcare and education. Candidates for MLA hit the home stretch