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Wednesday November 11 2015 11 Trooper Richard George Hardisty son of Chief Factor Richard Charles Hardisty and Elizabeth Victoria McDougall. Andrew Robert Flett former North West Mounted Police Special Constable born on the Deh Cho north of the Arctic Circle in 1864 had been a mail courier with Colonel Steele in the Yukon. Ambrose Boyer was born in Duck Lake in 1880. He was five years old when his father William Boyer fought alongside Gabriel Dumont in the Resistance of 1885. LEST WE FORGETMtis fought in the South African War Most of the Mtis who participated in the South African Boer War were members of the various regiments of the Canadian Mounted Rifles. Two hundred and forty-two Canadian soldiers were killed. One of these Charles Edgar Hallett was a Mtis born in St. Charles Red River Manitoba. He died in South Africa of wounds on May 31 1901 at Reitfontein. Other Mtis who fought as members of the Canadian Mounted Rifles N.W.T. MTIS NATION We honour those who have given their lives serving Canadians and defending the values and freedoms that we hold so dear. REMEMBRANCE DAY George Tuccaro Commissioner of the NWT On May 2 1945 following five years in exile in Canada Princess Juliana and her children were reunited with Queen Wilhelmina in the liberated part of the Netherlands. As a show of gratitude for her stay in Canada and for Canadian sol- diers role in the liberation of her home- land Princess Juliana presented to the people of Canada a number of gifts in- cluding 100000 tulip bulbs. The fol- lowing year an additional 20500 bulbs were received in Canada with a request to plant them on the grounds of the Ot- tawa Civic Hospital. Juliana who became Queen of the Neth- erlands in 1948 continued to send a gift of thousands of tulip bulbs to Canada each year during her reign which ended with her abdication in April 1980 and the beginning of the reign of Queen Beatrix. An artist originally from Elliot Lake Brown-Breetvelt unveiled a new bronze sculpture of Dutch Princess Juliana with newborn Princess Margriet at the Shaw Centre in May for the 70th anniversary. Her first husband was Dutch and her two children are at least 50 per cent so Brown-Breetvelt feels she has a close con- nection to the story of friendship. I grew up listening to the stories of their Oma and Opa grandparents in Dutch she said. It was very dear to my heart the fes- tival as well as what the tulip symbolizes which is friendship. Thefestivalfeaturesamilitaryencampment and display which attracts a lot of veterans. It is a way of connecting on a first-hand basis with veterans in a really relaxed and educational format. Canada has made 17 friendship countries through the festival and will be hosting the World Tulip Summit in 2017. The tulips themselves are a spectacular riot of colour Brown-Breetvelt said. They are something to behold. Its one of a few festivals where you can see every region and every race represented and everybody is happy. No-one is on their cellphone. There is something quite engaging and magical about the Tulip Festival. ng legacy of Ottawas tu- Artist Laura Brown-Breetvelt unveiled her sculpture of Princess Juliana in Ottawa in May. of the post-Second World War gift from the Dutch royal family. PhotoscourtesyofCanadianTulipFestival