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12 Wednesday November 11 2015 Support our veterans who dedicated their lives. Support our local Legion. POLITICS NWT ELECTION Editors note After the deadline to le nomi- nation papers for the Nov. 23 election passed on Oct. 30 we sent candidates in all 19 rid- ings except Mafwi where Alfred Moses was acclaimed the same four questions 1 Why are you running 2 What are the issues facing your riding 3 Why should voters cast a ballot for you 4 What do you do in your spare time We had received responses from 28 of the 59 candidates running by our press deadline on Nov. 9. They have been edited for length and presented here in hopes it will help vot- ers make an informed decision. We priori- tized ridings for which we have received all or most candidates responses and hope to be able to print answers from the balance of candidates next week. By CRAIG GILBERT Kam Lake Yellowknife David Ramsay incumbent 1 I am running in this election because I feel that I can continue to make a difference in how our territory develops. It has been an honour to serve in the Legislative Assembly the past 12 years and being there to help my constituents continues as my primary goal. 2 The most important issues from my rid- ing are the cost of living and doing business. 3 I have an established track record as a reliable accessible and hard working MLA. I am educated experienced and have built solid relationships with leaders around the territory and throughout Canada. 4 In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife Michelle my children Malachi 8 Elijah 6 Adeline 2 and Donovan three months. I also play hockey and golf. Kieron Testart 1 I want to give back to my community and bring an ambitious and optimistic vi- sion to the next Legislative Assembly. Ive made listening to the concerns of Northern- ers my number one priority and I will be a strong voice for Kam Lake. 2 Northern businesses operating in Kam Lake are feeling the strain of high operat- ing costs and limited competitiveness in Northern markets as our economy contin- ues to decline. Kam Lake residents like all Northerners are also concerned with the dramatic increase in our cost of living in recent years the serious problems stem- ming from addictions poverty and home- lessness affecting Yellowknife and the lack of economic opportunities in the North. 3 My experience as a public servant single parent and someone who lives and works in the North gives me a clear un- derstanding of the most important issues to Northerners. Most importantly I have a real plan that will deliver results for the residents of Kam Lake. 4 I enjoy lm and community theatre and I am a big supporter of the arts. In 2008 I was the lead actor in an independently produced short lm in the NWT called Teenage Wasteland that was screened at several lm festivals in Canada. Thebacha Louis Sebert 1 I am a longtime resident of Fort Smith 31 years have served the community in several capacities lawyer town councillor for 14 years part-time instructor at Aurora College and believe I could make a positive contribution as a MLA. 2 Cost of living cost of power govern- ment transparency future of Aurora College. 3 I have a wide experience in dealing with community issues most recently as deputy mayor. 4 Reading and tennis. Michael Miltenberger incumbent 1 I am running for a sixth term because there are still important things to get done in regard to program services budgets leg- islation and the environment all of which are important to Fort Smith. 2 Continued delivery of high quality ser- vices strong economy building of key in- frastructure facilities like the womens goal and the re centre. Also key is the balance between the environment and development. 3 20 years as MLA 14 years in cabinet strong possibility of being returned to cabi- net and 20 years of dedicated service to indi- viduals the riding and the NWT as a whole. 4 Golf in the summer walk and read. Don Jaque 1 I have skills experience tenacity and the ability to bring resources together to get things done. I would love to serve my com- munity bringing new ideas and energy to the role of MLA. 2 Fort Smith is facing critical issues that needactionandleadership.Thecollegeisvital to our economy but too often the classrooms sit empty making it vulnerable to the grow- ing demand for a university in Yellowknife. The local economy needs to be broadened and strengthened-dependingonlyongovernment positionsthatmaybegoneinthenextroundof cuts is not the way to assure a positive future. 3 My focus would be community rst and governanceinYellowknifesecond.Iwouldwork closely with Fort Smith Town Council with monthly meetings and common goals along with Mtis and First Nation governments. I would facilitate cooperation with the town of Hay River between MLAs town councils and other leaders to bolster the economies of both communities-tousethewastedpoweratTalt- sonDamtobringdownpowerratesandtopave Highway 5 to enhance tourism - working to- gether to build a strong South Slave economy. 4 My free time is spent volunteering on projects that enhance the quality of life of Fort Smith residents. I brought the TransCanada Trail here and set up the downtown park. I moved the ski club to its current location set up the trail system there and continue to work on it to this day. I served on the college Board of Governors and was on the design team for the academic building. The creation of the re- search centre was my idea as was the college store so that the student council could have a source of revenue. NWT votes 2015 MLA candidates have their say Pelican Rapids Inn 152 McDougal Road Fort Smith X0E0P0 867 872-2789 We RemembeR The men and women who have served and continue to serve our country during times of war conflict and peace.