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2 Wednesday November 11 2015 ENVIRONMENT JUSTICE NEWS BRIEFS ACFN chief reacts to making residential school les public Chief Allan Adam from the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation reacted strongly to news that the Truth and Recon- ciliationCommissionofCanadaTRCandtheGovernment of Canada have taken the position that documents related to residential school claims for sexual and physical abuse including survivors testimonies should be preserved and made public at some point in time. Once again survivors werenotconsultedonthisissuebeforeitwasbroughttothe courts he said. The consequences of making such docu- ments public could have devastating effects on individuals families and communities. Watch for voter information card ElectionsNWTismailingoutVoterInformationCardstoall registered electors. These cards contain information about whereandwhentovoteandhowtocontactReturningOf- cersbutitcannotbeusedasproofofidentityandresidence at the polls. If an elector receives a card addressed to them but with incorrect information they can correct any errors when they attend their poll. If an elector does not receive a VoterInformationCardtheycanregistertovotewhenthey attend their poll. Sufcient proof of identity and residence willberequired.Alistofidenticationoptionscanbefound at www.electionsnwt.cavoter-identication. Alberta government plans roads consultations in 2016 Funding for Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Pro- gram STIP cut in 2013 by the previous government is to be restored by the New Democrats who plan to make 100 millionavailablebetween2017and2019.InadditiontoSTIP Budget2015invests4.6billioninroadandbridgeprojects throughout Alberta according to the province. Please leave a message at 872-5543 for details. WESCLEAN NORTHERN SALES LTD. Ph 867 875-5100 Fax 867 875-5155 Avalon Cat Hair - long Size - medium Gender - female Avalon is a very loving and beautiful cat. She is spayed and is up-to-date with all her shots.If you think you have a home for a Avalon please call the shelter at 872-5543. Please leave a message at 872-5543 for details. WESCLEAN NORTHERN SALES LTD. Ph 867 875-5100 Fax 867 875-5155 E-mail web Avalon Cat Hair - long Size - medium Gender - female Avalon is a very loving and beautiful cat. She is spayed and is up-to-date with all her shots.If you think you have a home for a Avalon please call the shelter at 872-5543. Please leave a message at 872-5543 for details. WESCLEAN NORTHERN SALES LTD. Ph 867 875-5100 Fax 867 875-5155 E-mail web Avalon Cat Hair - long Size - medium Gender - female Avalon is a very loving and beautiful cat. She is spayed and is up-to-date with all her shots.If you think you have a home for a Avalon please call the shelter at 872-5543. SpayedNeutered Up-to-datewithroutineshots House trained TriciaFemaleBaby Calico Looking for a new home Tricia is very well-behaved and loves to be cuddled. Shes only a baby and she needs somebody to love her and take care of her. But you can adopt her and love her. Yay A happy ending The Fort Smith District Education Authority has rescheduled its Annual General Meeting to Thursday Nov. 26 2015 700PM at JBT Room 113 Delegates wishing to address the authority may do so by contacting our office in writing 72 hours prior to the meeting at P.O. Box 131 or by fax at 867-872-2448. The public is welcome to attend. Ideas.Action.Community Why Choose Don Jaque for MLA Because I will focus on community. I want to work with the new mayor and those dynamic young women on town council not just to be available to help them if requested but to actively pursue goals and objectives with them. I want to work with other agencies and groups as well especially Mtis and First Nation governments. There is much to be done in the community yet it seems stuck. It is an amazing opportunity for a small riding to have its own MLA someone in a leadership role who can facilitate projects bringing the power of the ofce connections and resources to make things happen but that is not the way it is done now. That work is carried out by the constituency of- ce while the MLAfocuses on matters of governance in the capital. It should not be that way. Dont get me wrong I would ght the good ght in the Legislature. I am a social activist. In my forty-year career as a newspaper owner and business person I have advocated for in- digenous issues equal status for women respect for the environment youth opportunities education healthy living and much more. I would be vocal and tenacious in the role of MLA in Yellowknife. My priority however would be at home building a stronger community. Outside my work as an entrepreneur running multiple businesses hiring and training staff and offering different services my free time has been spent volunteering on projects that enhance the quality of life and support the economy in Fort Smith. I brought the TransCanada Trail to the NWT and set up the downtown park. I moved the ski club to its current location set up the trail system there and continue to play a support role to this day. When the museum was gutted and closed I took on the challenge modernized the building and worked with volunteers to set up new displays. I served on the College Board of Governors and was on the design team for the Thebacha Campus academic building. The creation of the college research centre was my idea as was the college store so that the student council would have a permanent source of revenue. I have worked with the kayak club for decades and was president of the NWT Kayak Association for over 26 years. In doing all that my focus was always on community. Now I would like to take it to the next level to dedicate myself to community projects full time to strengthen the economy improve infrastructure and make Fort Smith better. In doing that I would strive to unite the community in common purpose. I am an organizer manager and facilitator. My business experience has trained me to be efcient and effective. I get the job done by bringing people and resources together. Elect me and I will do that full time for the Thebacha riding. Please vote for Don Jaque for Thebacha MLA on Monday November 23rd. Authorized by Sandra Dolan 867 445-1447 ofcial agent for Don Jaque By CRAIG GILBERT In what could be a case of one step forward two steps backAboriginalgovernments and environmental groups celebrated a partial victory last week at the Yukon Court of Appeal. A three-judge panel Chief Justice Robert Bauman Madam Justice Lynn Smith and Justice Richard Goepel agreed with a trial judges ruling that the Yukon govern- ment failed to meet its obliga- tion to consult on a land use plan that could have opened up more than 70 per cent of one of Canadas most pristine and signicant ecosystems to development. Less welcome news was their decision that the pro- cess should be returned to the point at which the Yukon government breached the land-use planning provi- sions of the Umbrella Final Agreement UFA with First Nations. They found this took place back in February 2011 when the government proposed modications to the Commissioners Recom- mended Plan. Partial victory for protectors of Yukons Peel watershed Gill Cracknell executive director of the Yukon chap- ter of the Canadian Parks and Wildlife Society CPAWS said they are already work- ing on next steps after a Nov. 3 decision sent the plan back to the drawing board. Setting the process so far back effectively wiped out an enormous amount of time andtaxpayermoneyalreadyex- pendedwhichhasCPAWSbal- ancingoptimismwithcaution. Sendingitbacktothattime sets the question of the whole way the government will do this process Cracknell said. The public deserves better than a do-over. We wanted the process sent back to the point where they had to con- sultcorrectly.Thegovernment consulted on their own ideas instead of the plan produced by the commission. ApleasedGwichinTribal Council GTC welcomed news that the appeal court agreed the Yukon govern- ment failed to honour the letter and spirit of its treaty obligations related to the Peel Watershed Land Use Plan but echoed CPAWS concern. The bulk of the Peel water- shed sits in traditional Tetlit Gwichin lands and the GTC was granted intervenor sta- tus in the lawsuit filed by the Trondek Hwechin and Na- Cho Nyak Dun First Nations along with CPAWS Yukon and the Yukon Conserva- tion Society with Thomas Berger as their legal coun- sel in May. Representatives and legal counsel from the GTC were given the oppor- tunity to speak to the plan at the appeal hearing in late August. We are disappointed that thecourthasorderedthepro- cess to be returned to a much earlier stage than requested disregarding four years of ne- gotiated bilateral work GTC President James Wilson said in a written statement. We share the concerns of the lead proponents that this decision may open the door to the Yukon government to be able to implement their original plan. The GTC is worried the long-fought concessions realized under Section 11.6.2 would be lost. Chief Roger Kyikavichik of the Vuntut Gwitchin wants to see the Peel Land Use Plan through to completion ac- cording to a statement. This is not nished until weve concluded a nal land use plan that we can all agree to he said. We must ensure the integrity of this pristine ecosystem is protected for all time. Lets be clear we are not against development but it must be done in an en- vironmentally sensitive way. The water land environment and the animals have to be protected for our children. Berger said the judgement represented a major step in guaranteeing that land use planning in the Peel and elsewhere in Yukon proceeds according to the process laid down in the UFA. However We must con- sider the question of whether sending the matter back to an earlier stage in the process may allow Yukon govern- menttoeffectivelyimplement the Government of Yukons plan a plan which the court has held is a nullity by the back door.