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Wednesday November 11 2015 13 Hay River Ford Remembers THANK YOU TO ALL THE MEN WOMEN OF THE CANADIAN FORCES TF 1-800-661-0716 PH 867-874-7700 SAME GREAT PEOPLE. SAME GREAT SERVICE. SAME NORTHERN COMMITMENT Remembrance Day We shall not forget C M Y CM MY CY CMY K NORJ - 2015 Remembrance Day Ad Qtr Page 1 1192015 120105 PM POLITICS NWT ELECTION Continued from page 12 Yellowknife North Sean Erasmus 1 I am running in this election because real positive change is needed. I see a lot of social issues that need addressing here in YK and I know with my business education work ex- perience and innovative ideas that I can help them. I also have to try to change a law or two that has the potential to negatively af- fect home owners. 2 Homelessness work-related barriers barriers to start up business the Con head frame which I have a plan to save the harbour plan food security fracking water the high cost of living in which I have some ideas for each household to help them reduce a couple of bills. I also have a couple of ideas for the federal government on how they could re- duce some of their costs and how to increase the overall GDP. 3Ihavedonemanydifferentjobsinmylife- time. Some of them are cement truck driver at Giant Mine working on the stabilization project haul truck operator eight years of experience as an HEO for BHP and NUNA archeologist assist security guard curators assistant roofer data entry clerk safety su- pervisor at the Beaulieu mine clean up ber- glasser drywalling commercialresidential buildings a mover roughneck at Norman Wells labourer maintenance man at camp antler for free when I was 12 and 13 years old. I also have a business diploma and a little over a year of credits towards my degree in busi- ness at Athabasca University. 4IspendmyfreetimewithmykidsIalways take them to the parks and play with them. Cory Vanthuyne 1HavingservedYellowknifersfortwoterms asacitycouncillorandhavingcontributedtoa number of non-prot boards and volunteering for many local charities as well as operating two small business I have reached a time in my life where I want to be involved in the pro- cess of effecting positive change. As a 38-year resident of Yellowknife and a 22-year resident of Yellowknife North I want to be the repre- sentative that protects my neighbours best interests. I have a passion for helping others and I believe I can help set our territory on the right course for a better future. 2 Residents rank healthcare the health of their families neighbours and those in need as generally the biggest concerns. Folks at the doors have told me they believe government has a key role to play in building supportive environments but also in helping northern- ers help themselves. I think they prioritize these issues because without our health we cant take on the many other issues we are facing with the economy cost of living and the environment. 3 As Northerners its important that we unite in a common vision for a great territory. With your support I want to lead the NWT intoaprosperousfuturecapableoffacingnew realities while valuing our past accomplish- ments and the richness of our diverse history and culture. I want to see us pursue new op- portunities and initiatives. I believe there is a better way and with your guidance I will dem- onstrateleadershipandcondenceinmanaging ourfutureandIwillbeprofoundlycommitted tothepursuitofasustainablequalityoflifefor all while protecting our pristine environment. 4 In my spare time I enjoy playing golf in the summer and curling in the winter. I travel when Icanandenjoyreadingbooksonhistory.I alsospendquiteabitoftimeonhikeswithmydog at Tin Can Hill or out on the trails near V Lake. Ben Nind 1 I never thought I would ever run. It was never in my personal plan but I was prompted toactionthisyearbecauseIfoundmyselfcom- plaining a lot about the lack of leadership in the Legislative Assembly and an inability of Members to be able to work together to move the NWT forward on fundamental issues. In my family we have always said shut up or put up. In other words dont complain unless you do something about it. 2 The key issues that we have identied are also territorial in scope - cost of living diver- sication of our economy to move out of the boom bust cycle and depending on resource extraction projects protection of our land air water and wildlife catching up to the lack of housing investing in education as well as in the arts and cultural sector healthwellness streetsmartprogrammingtransparentgover- nance and keeping Northerners in the North. 3 I trust the voters in Yellowknife North. They are intelligent articulate active well-travelled and forward thinking. They will recognize a strong platform that works for protecting not only their own issues but those that are of concern for other constituen- cies. They are concerned about protection of the environment diversifying our economy investing in renewable and sustainable en- ergy strengthening our multicultural iden- tity investing in health wellness and educa- tion and celebrating effective and transpar- ent leadership. 4 My time is always full with travel adven- tures with my partner engaging in activities withmychildrenspendingqualityfamilytime on the land. I also share a creative printmak- ing space still am active in professional the- atre and spend as much time as I can cooking in the kitchen. Edwin Castillo 1 My children family my northern friends and neighbours are my priority. Therefore I would like to become an MLA to be more ac- tive and involved in the decisions affecting our livelihoods especially in the YK North area. In the 47 years that I have lived in the riding I have seen how the uncertainties of change political priorities and choices to important issues can greatly affect our life plans and neighborhoods. I can relate rst-hand as a single parent to the demanding challenges of raising a family in the North. Further I have many years professional experience in Public Service including 30 years with the GNWT and eight years on the YK2 school board. See page 14 Issues include cost of living infrastructure jobs